Oct 17, 2023
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Mobile App for Tutors Portal

Mobile App for Tutors Portal

2-3 months
United States
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The client operated an established offline school business with plans for expansion. The project's objectives were to boost student enrollment without significantly increasing the school's staff, which included teachers and administrative personnel. The aim was to enhance each employee's efficiency and productivity while tapping into the potential of the eLearning market.


The client had previously made an effort to establish an online school using the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) framework. Their desire was to leverage this framework as the foundation for the system. Our task involved integrating Moodle's core features while also tailoring it to achieve modern, efficient, and user-friendly software. Additionally, we seamlessly integrated a licensing service for training materials into the system. We further developed a flexible course creation system and implemented the ability to schedule online live sessions.


We've transformed the studying process into an engaging experience using AI and ML technology. Our platform offers interactive study materials, videos, articles, and adaptive assessments, personalized for each student. Teachers benefit from efficient lesson planning and communication, while parents can track their child's progress and connect with teachers and other parents. This app enhances eLearning in a safe and advanced way, increasing teacher efficiency and opening new eLearning market opportunities