Oct 17, 2023
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Prediction App Development for a Restaurant Corporation

Prediction App Development for a Restaurant Corporation

2-3 months
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Mobile Development
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Retail and Restaurants


The development of the prediction app was part of a promotional campaign linked to the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Registered users of the main restaurant mobile app were required to install an additional app, enabling them to predict match outcomes during the tournament. Users could compete in prediction contests with fellow participants, leading to the formation of a leaderboard reflecting match results. Rewards in the form of coupons and points were distributed based on users' leaderboard rankings, which they could use within the main app.


Various factors were considered in the app's development to ensure seamless operation: High server load: The app's server had to efficiently manage substantial data, including results from matches (over 500K bets per match), while simultaneously accommodating more than 10K users checking their bet results. Integration of a third-party API for match result data: The API presented challenges due to periodic changes in data types and formats, lacking proper documentation, and causing implementation difficulties.


As we wrote the code, we systematically addressed every technical challenge that emerged. Along the development journey, we encountered situations where striking a balanced solution was crucial, aligning with the project's scope and the client's requirements. Our team skillfully managed the delicate balance between innovation and scope. Through collaborative discussions and our collective expertise, we made informed decisions that not only resolved challenges but also elevated the overall quality of the app.