Oct 17, 2023
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Used Car Aggregator Development

Used Car Aggregator Development

2-3 months
United States
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A used car aggregator unfolds in two distinct phases, and our team was enlisted to provide both mobile app development and web app development services. Initially, the project's scope encompassed the creation of a used car sales aggregator with a distinctive capability to design and customize inspections for pre-owned vehicles. The second phase of development for the used car search aggregator involves the addition of the feature to create diverse inspections tailored to various purposes. This includes separate inspections for new and used cars, each with unique inspection parameters. Additionally, the overarching vision for the used car aggregator project is to evolve it into an automotive service marketplace where condition inspections are a fundamental requirement.


In the initial project phase, our team undertook the task of overhauling the admin panel responsible for inspection creation and partially restoring the functionality of the existing system. The project had languished without support for an extended period, necessitating a substantial amount of restoration work. Concurrently, we had to seamlessly integrate an API and restructure front-end requests. The subsequent project phase centered on the augmentation of system capabilities. During this stage, our efforts were directed toward developing a used car search aggregator with the capacity to incorporate various types of inspections and tailor them to specific configurations.


Consequently, we embarked on the creation of an intuitive and user-friendly interface aimed at simplifying the process of inspection creation and management for users. In response to the client's specific requests, we also incorporated additional features, including the ability to configure various types of inspections. Furthermore, we proposed a transition from IBM Cloud to Digital Ocean, a strategic decision that resulted in a remarkable 10-fold reduction in server costs. After weeks of dedicated development efforts, we successfully delivered a fully functional and user-friendly admin panel that surpassed the client's expectations. With this valuable addition, the client's application operated seamlessly and efficiently, markedly enhancing the user experience for their audience.