Jun 24, 2022
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Auto insurance solution

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It is widely accepted that cars begin to experience a few issues as they get older. Regular replacement of parts, oil, and other components keeps the car mechanism working at a good level. Our client, a taxi fleet owner, noticed a relatively fast deterioration of car parts in one insured fleet. Damages led to extra expenses on insurance, maintenance, and repair services. ► Сollect real-time data to analyze the causes of rapid deterioration, road conditions, and fuel consumption; ► Set the smart coverage for aggressive drivers and help regular drivers save on auto insurance; ► Create a solution that reduces the likelihood of a road accident. The solution had to use Secure Telematics Hardware with an OBD II interface and be fast and cost-effective .


CHI Software developed the Connected Cars X — a software solution that collects required car parameters with the help of IoT devices. The app uses AI for processing real-time and aggregated data to get behavior analytics. We built our software solution on cloud computing and Machine Learning technologies. We used an OBD II connector, available in all modern cars, to collect data. While driving, the RSA encrypted data is sent to the cloud every second via MQTT secure protocol.


►Connect OBD II connector. Receive, save, and transmit data to the cloud via the MQTT +SSL protocol; ► Calculate the car’s acceleration, harsh braking, average speed in general and while entering a turn; ► Define the average driving performance by hours, days, months, with the ability to view details; ► Identify segments of the way where driving doesn’t meet the specified safety criteria; ► Analyze the driving performance.