Jun 23, 2022
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Parcel tracking solution

Parcel tracking solution

4-6 months
United States
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The main idea of the project was digitalization and automation of manual labor, in order to optimize resources, as well as the speed of processing postal information. The initial solution involved much manual human work, which cost too much and was time consuming. Bar codes on parcels often get mechanical scratches or other damages before reaching the sorting point. Such defects obstruct the correct identification of a parcel in the system, causing delivery mistakes. The client needed to prevent possible mistakes caused by damaged bar codes and also reduce human-made mistakes.


CHI Software team started work on this project validating the client’s idea and proving the concept. The main tasks were detection and recognition of objects and image preprocessing. We also selected and trained neural network models to ensure that parcels, letters, and other items of interest are identified automatically and sorted correctly. We were responsible for the backend part of the project. Our design team was only involved in minor tasks connected with the UI for parcel station operators.


The automated parcel delivery processing system allows: ► Correct detection of the postal label among many others; ► Extraction of country and zip codes and text if the bar code is not readable; ► Compositing the delivery information; ► Checking if the postage information is immediately transferred into the database; ► Creating instructions for automatic sending of the parcel to the proper vehicle for further delivery.