Jul 20, 2023
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Casting Frontier: Casting Platform for Actors

Casting Frontier: Casting Platform for Actors

4-6 months
United States
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We were given an opportunity to redesign the crucial part of Casting Frontier's web platform, which is the casting director's dashboard. The casting director's dashboard is a revolutionary audition-uploading system that allows casting directors to streamline their workflow with cutting-edge digital recording, editing, scheduling, and posting tools. Their services include creating and posting breakdowns and casting calls, scheduling and submitting talent, arranging and tracking auditions, real-time notifications, and bookings.


A dashboard of this size and complexity was a massive and unique challenge for us to understood and create an overall improved digital product. Furthermore, the client insisted on sticking with minimal UX polishing without significant changes in logic and behavior due to existing users who are not willing to accept any drastic changes. Even though the current dashboard had a lot of UX problems, our main challenge was to find the best approach to balance the existing information architecture and logic with the new refined UX and UI modifications.


Despite a very challenging project, we were able to define all the required processes and establish solutions to most of the problems we encountered. Given all the project's limitations, some decisions were not easy to make, but they simply had to be done. As a result, we've successfully created a cleaner responsive dashboard, which is more suitable for both desktop and mobile users. We've solved some of the most apparent UX issues and accomplished to get a more fluid user flow. Improved information architecture and more intuitive navigation intend to help the users find the desired info. With the new color palette and meticulously chosen typography, we've improved the existing design and refreshed the overall extremely complex dashboard app.