Jul 19, 2023
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Corrily: Optimize prices to maximize revenue

Corrily: Optimize prices to maximize revenue

7-12 months
United States
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The website's primary challenge was developing a new, distinct visual identity for the company. This identity needed to feel fresh and cool, while also clearly communicating to website visitors what Corrily can do for them. Another significant challenge was developing a flow that takes users from being mere website visitors to scheduling a demo call with Corrily.


The new website wasn’t a 1:1 redesign. We needed to account for a variety of new features and content, as well as structure everything in a way that aids in the conversion of visitors to clients. Mapping out the new content and reorganizing the website's flow was critical to ensuring that the redesign accomplished its goals. Before we even started the website redesign, we had previously established a new brand identity for Corrily. It was now time to put that identity to work on the website. Fonts, colors, symbols, illustrations, and photos were used to transform high-fidelity wireframes into a final design that matched the client's vision.


We could well consider Corrily a remarkable startup at the beginning of 2021, having been admitted into Y-Combinator that year. Corrily turned into a major service with a fully formed brand identity and large clients such as Skillshare and IFTTT during their relationship with Cinnamon. We had the opportunity to work directly with Corrily's growth manager to not only execute a website redesign but also to provide ongoing support for the website, as well as their services, and marketing. We were able to conduct extensive research into what matters to Corrily's target audiences, what information they seek, and what they can absorb and apply.