Jul 18, 2023
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Play&Go: Revolutionary toy storage bag

Play&Go: Revolutionary toy storage bag

2-3 months
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The main challenge was to improve the overall functionality of the website. The user experience, the ordering process, and keeping the customers informed were the major issues that had to be fixed as soon as possible. Considering that the website works on both B2C and B2B levels, our results had to match the target audience in a way that would reduce shopping cart abandonment.


Due to the nature of Play&Go’s website, the first phase of research was defining user personas to get a clearer picture of its audience. Once we specified the personas, the next step was redefining the already existing sitemap. Our designer defined the hierarchy of the user's attention, elaborated on it, and placed things accordingly so every age group can easily understand it. The low fidelity phase was where we defined key changes. The goal of those changes was to enhance the entire user experience and to increase the conversion rate by adding these sections. High fidelity means bringing low fidelity to life. We positioned the existing wireframes onto the grid and defined each section, so we could implement the same structure specified in the previous phase.


Our designers ironed out the issues by adding new features and enhancing existing ones for both parties. The result was a simplified customer flow with clear steps which make the ordering process easy – omitting confusion and crowded screens. We created two streams: one for businesses, which are given a profile and a dashboard to manage their purchases, and the other side, one for customers who order directly from the website. Cinnamon crafted a simple and clean design with an impeccable user flow, for both kinds of users.