Jun 29, 2021
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Challenge: finding an ecient approval applicationAkzoNobel didn’t have an ecient approval process in place to review pending credit limits and blocked orders, which caused problems when determining workflows: it wasn’t exactly clear who needed to approve which order. Moreover, AkzoNobel was using an SAP (FSCM) solution, which wasn’t ecient, nor user-friendly enough. The solution the company was looking for, needed to be usable by end-users and stakeholders, and adaptable to mobile platforms.


Solution: more ecient, speedy and user-friendly approval processFrom day one, the experts at Cloud++ embedded themselves at AkzoNobel. They organized workshops with the team at Akzo, building trust deciding on priorities and defined the roadmaps and scopes that would be at the core of the partnership. Because Cloud++ was able to re-use pre-built features and building blocks from past projects, the team put together a Proof of Concept within four weeks. Through demos and experiments, the feasibility of the intended concept was verified and approved.


App. App. (“Approval Application”), a system now used all over the world by nearly a thousand users, including sales managers, finance directors and support functions. Based on the data it retrieves (from multiple data sources like SAP (ERP) and D&B), the tool determines who the approvers are and send these back to the SAP system so they can be tracked. There will be an automated email sent out to the approvers to review the request and give their feedback. It gives continuous and live information on the status, until this is approved/rejected for a credit limit request or released/cancelled for a blocked order. App. App. registers everything and sends all data back to SAP, allowing it to retrieve everything that’s historically been done.