Apr 24, 2024
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4-6 months
United Kingdom
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Our client sought a game-changing solution to reduce employee turnover, bolster their corporate culture, and provide workers decentralized access to the economy through decentralized finance. Additionally, they aimed to selectively decentralize governance by empowering employees to vote on proposals, monitor project progress and performance, and implement reward systems. As an added feature, they envisioned a novel approach to benefits programs, allowing employees to directly participate in financial opportunities using a portion of their salary.


Drawing inspiration from DAO principles, we introduce BANDR, an innovative HR enterprise solution platform. It enables businesses to enhance corporate culture, reduce attrition rates, and grant access to decentralized economies via decentralized finance platforms. In addition, BANDR offers tokenized rewards, decentralized governance, employee market-making capabilities, and seamless integration options to ensure minimal disruption to existing operations. This tool promotes financial empowerment, inclusivity, and operational efficiency.


Inspired by DAO principles, we were able to give you BANDR, an HR enterprise solution platform that’s groundbreaking. It empowers businesses to strengthen corporate culture, lower attrition rates, and provide access to decentralised economies through decentralised finance platforms. On top of everything else we added tokenized rewards, decentralised governance, employee market-making abilities as well as options for seamless integration so it doesn't disrupt your current operations. This tool brings forth financial empowerment along with inclusivity and efficiency.