Nov 22, 2023
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Revolutionizing Email Outreach With A Cutting-Edge Video Solution

Revolutionizing Email Outreach With A Cutting-Edge Video Solution

4-6 months
United States, San Francisco
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The Origin Story Hailing from San Francisco's thriving tech scene, serial entrepreneur Mr. Kanad partnered with Coditude, renowned for their expertise in SaaS solution development. Drawing from his experience with Google-acquired startups, Kanad recognized the transformative potential of technology. The Vision Kanad's vision? To redefine how businesses approach email outreach by creating an unparalleled video outreach solution.


In-Depth Solution Overview Our team's unwavering commitment to delivering a comprehensive product led us to oversee every aspect of the development process. This included intricate tasks such as architectural design, extensive functionality development, process optimization, and continuous support and maintenance. The resulting solution primarily facilitates real-time video recording and processing, empowering sales and marketing professionals to effortlessly record and send videos. This cutting-edge feature materialized through the integration of advanced web sockets and WebRTC technologies. It allows simultaneous video uploading during recording, eliminating post-recording challenges associated with handling large file sizes.


Advanced video processing played a pivotal role in providing each video with a polished, professional touch. The goal was to emulate the authenticity of in-person meetings, achieved through Amazon Transcribe for auto subtitle generation, enhancing viewer engagement. Furthermore, FFmpeg technology empowered us to handle diverse formatting tasks such as creating concise video clips, format conversion, and generating GIF previews. A standout feature of the solution was the incorporation of AI and ML to automate video email outreach. Rather than recording separate videos, we harnessed deep fake technology to produce personalized videos, significantly boosting efficiency and response rates.