Aug 31, 2023
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4-6 months
United States
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IoT Development
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Transportation & Logistics


Our client required a software solution that could address several key challenges: - Lack of real-time visibility into the movement and status of boxes, pallets, and containers. - Inefficient resource allocation due to a lack of data insights. - Inability to offer value-added services to their own customers.


Dashboard Development: We designed and developed a customized dashboard that offered end-to-end visibility of the logistics process. This dashboard provided real-time tracking of boxes, pallets, and containers at every stage of their journey. Data Integration: We integrated the dashboard with various data sources, including sensors and tracking devices attached to the logistics units. This integration allowed for accurate and real-time data feeds. Analytics and Insights: Leveraging cutting-edge analytics tools, we provided data insights to the client. These insights included route optimization, resource allocation suggestions, and predictive maintenance recommendations.


Enhanced Visibility: The client and their end-clients gained real-time visibility into the location, condition, and status of their shipments, enabling efficient decision-making. Operational Efficiency: With data insights at their fingertips, the client optimized their resource allocation, leading to reduced operational costs and improved overall efficiency. New Revenue Streams: The data insights enabled the client to offer value-added services to their end-clients, such as premium tracking, expedited deliveries, and advanced analytics for supply chain optimization.
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