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Nov 25, 2021
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4-6 months
United Kingdom
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Mobile Development
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Succeedin wanted an innovative digital platform that allowed schools and other sports facilities to conduct PE lessons and facilitate PE curriculum online. But also the platform should keep track of all the PE data that can be accessed easily. The platform was to be built for desktops, tablets, smartphones, and interactive whiteboards that would enable the teachers to easily use it in all ways possible.


We created the perfect innovative solutions for their mobile app & web platform that gave life to their learning platform. Significant increase in schools and students using the digital platform. Document management to share the documents amongst School/Organisations/PE users PE learning can now be done through graphical lesson content. Pupil assessment, Progression tracking- all at one place. Coaches, School admin, and Teachers can create the Graphical lesson content by using the simple Drag and Drop feature on the Pitch screen.


Great user experience A user interface that delights the user and makes them want to keep using the platform. Reduced PE costs for schools Additional hiring of specialists and trainers is not required since all essential PE resources are available on the app. Better learning Easy access to learning resources & good video content enhances the personal development of users. Secure access Secure centralized storage and distribution of planning, delivery, and other necessary information. Significant time saved Users can simply browse through online content on the app & create a custom timetable that enables them to plan out their learning quickly. Easy content creation for teachers