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Nov 25, 2021
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Think Write

4-6 months
United Kingdom
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Web Development
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Technology Approach We leveraged the latest technologies like Unity 3D and CakePHP to completely design and develop Think Write’s web application. With an engaging and step-by-step approach, we created 4 modules to enhance the learning process in a fun way. We added elements like adorable animal characters to captivate the learners and develop cognitive awareness. Then we implemented guided association methods to effectively teach letter formations, words, and sounds. Interactive and modern game-based learning and gamification techniques like puzzles, memory games, and matching games were also included to provide an appealing and fascinating learning experience.


Digital Solutions We Provided Mobile App for Android Mobile App for iOS Web Platform App
Digital Solutions We Provided Mobile App for Android Mobile App for iOS Web Platform App


Industry Solutions A unified framework that has been built with recognized cognitive strategies embedded at the heart of its foundation, allowing the students to retain information with ease. Data grouping together increases children’s ability to recall linked ideas, reducing the cognitive demands on handwriting. The application shows various kinds of animations that help the kids easily visualize the letters. It provides an interactive and practical way to learn and write on the Whiteboards/Tablet devices on which the application is installed. It also provides different games for the kids, so that they can have a fun time while learning.