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Apr 14, 2023
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One of the largest and at the same time most popular telecommunications operators in Poland. Provider of television, Internet, mobile and fixed-line telephone services. We wanted an attractive and clear presentation of the current promotional offer. When designing the site, we wanted to guide the customer through the proposed services in the simplest possible way, so as to lead him to the option to contact us to purchase a specific package.


We created a website that provides the viewer with all the relevant information. At the same time, it is very clear and visually attractive. We highlighted the strengths of our client, and designed a simple, but thus very functional menu. The website is so clear and intuitive that navigating through it is very efficient, which automatically encourages the recipient to take advantage of the offer. We conducted a detailed interview, which allowed us to learn about the expectations and needs of our client. We also gathered all the necessary information about the target group. Based on these, we began the design process.


The website has been checked by us to ensure that it works properly. We carefully traced the entire path a customer has to take to order certain services. The website we created presents the current promotional offer in a very accessible, clear way. Intuitive navigation allows the recipient to quickly and effortlessly get acquainted with the services offered. In addition, a user interested in taking advantage of the offer is automatically transferred to a section that allows contacting the company.
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