Jun 02, 2021
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Drive Weather

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United States
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Weather-related road accidents and crashes are a constant threat because of unreliable forecasts or the unpreparedness of drivers themselves. These accidents result from excessive rain showers, fog, crosswinds, and sand/debris. Our client wanted to create a one-stop solution for drivers to have the most important weather forecasts at their fingertips. Adding on, our client also wanted the solution to offer differentiating features from a conventional application such as attractive visuals and route-to-route weather planning.


Using an agile development methodology, the entire development process was broken down into iterative sprints for swift management. To provide an unrivaled solution, our team proposed several add-ons such as interactive sliders and interstate weather links. We also created custom APIs for fetching real-time weather updates from National Weather Service's forecast for reliable forecasts.


Through a course of bottlenecks, Conovo was able to deliver Drive Weather, a mobile application available on both Android and iOS. The application provides an easy and quick method to determine whether changes including cloud cover, wind, temperature, and interactive radar. The application enhances road trips by allowing users to observe weather changes at each point along their travel route. Drive Weather is one UK's leading mobile application which lets users compare weather conditions on different routes for a seamless and safe journey.
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