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United States, Los Angeles
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ConsultingWhiz located in Orange County, California is a unique provider of Custom Software Development, Custom Mobile App Development, SaaS, ERP and Software/Mobile management. With clients from Startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Whats makes them unique, you ask? and why choose the company?

Most development companies take a technology approach without understanding the day to day processes or challenges and automation opportunities of your business, they take a process and ROI driven approach by using your specific industry experts that are ex Goldman Sachs and ex Deloitte veterans that will focus on the process and ROI and then make recommendations on the technology stack (now now lets put the horse before the cart).

This allows them to give you industry-specific experts that will give you valuable recommendations to ensure you don’t pay for technology that doesn’t fit your business model or leaves you learning and working for the technology instead of technology working for you and your clients.

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United States, Los Angeles
United States, Orange County

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