Jul 28, 2023
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Coreteka Driver App

Coreteka Driver App

4-6 months
United States
Service categories
Service Lines
Mobile Development
Domain focus
Transportation & Logistics
Programming language
Mobile Development


Сoreteka Driver App was developed for the internal courier delivery service in order to manage door-to-door goods delivery and optimize logistics operations. The main project goals are: - minimizing the number of accidents involving truck drivers; - providing operators with information about the cargo status in real-time; - making the information the driver needs available with one touch.


Project Overview This driver tracking app is fit for transportation companies. It is developed for the internal courier delivery service. The main purpose is to manage the targeted delivery of goods to customers and optimize logistics operations. Project Main Goals - To decrease the amount of accidents among truck drivers. - To provide an operator and information about the real-time status of cargo. - To make all necessary information available for a driver with just “one touch”.


While working on this project, our team used such technologies and services as Android, Google Maps, GPS, Java, Kotlin, and PostgreSQL. When the driver is on the road, it is important to be concentrated on it to avoid accidents. However, dispatch needs to call the driver and get his location during the trip, and the driver needs to call dispatch to get information about the delivery. These necessities distract the driver from the road, thus endangering them. We came to a solution: our driver application transmits data to the TMS in real time, and all the information for the driver is stored in one place. This solution eliminates the need for the calls and as a result, keeps the driver focused.