Jul 28, 2023
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Philip Morris Quality Control

Philip Morris Quality Control

4-6 months
Ukraine, Kyiv
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Web Development
Domain focus
Retail and Restaurants
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The solution is an online service for Philip Morris that automates the management of the validation process of sales operations in outlets. The client was facing the following issues: - Low quality of script execution - The difficult process of evaluating the staff’s work results.


The project’s main goal was to develop a system for effectively monitoring and evaluating the work done by consultants, sales representatives, and sellers in retail chains and call centers. The system’s implementation was intended to enhance the performance of the company's sales department.


The solution can inform a user about the poor script execution and deliver the representatives' conversations with customers to a manager, together with their scores and statistics. The system includes a mobile application and completely automates employee performance tracking. It contains all employee information, controls the regular use of scripts, and evaluates performance. The system also visualizes reports and organizes information by department, city, or other parameters. The solution allows integration with any external ERP or CRM system with an API and enables automatic data transfer to the customer's system.