Sep 29, 2022
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Positioning a Rapid-Growth Startup for Acquisition

Positioning a Rapid-Growth Startup for Acquisition

7-12 months
United States, Kansas City
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When Crema connected with the founder of ProfessionalChats, Scott Hansen, they were a small business with explosive growth. The business had strong month-over-month sales, but the technology they used to start the business was not holding up to the rising demand put on the system and their team. In order to bolster support for growth and defend their position in the market, the ProfessionalChats team entrusted Crema to help solve many of their technology challenges over several years of working together.


To rebuild the bootstrapped platform of off-the-shelf technology into a proprietary chat system capable of meeting the demands of their growing business while improving chat performance, scalability, HIPAA compliance, employee efficiency and accuracy, and improved customer experience. ‍ All of these improvements would not happen overnight. Our team worked to prioritize the product development process to solve the largest challenges first, while supporting the day-to-day technical operations of growth for ProfessionalChats. Concurrently, the teams needed to ensure that current customers did not lose any sense of value from the system. We worked closely on a transition plan from the old platform to the new, monitoring for performance and creating contingency plans.‍


1000% revenue growth during the time we worked together. Scaled from 10 employees to 150 employees to support hundreds of new customers. Ability to enter into new markets with a HIPAA-compliant chat system. Company acquisition by Ruby Receptionists in Portland, Oregon. Integration of the ProfessionalChats system into the Ruby Receptionist system is actively underway.