Sep 29, 2022
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Simplifying medication management & wellness

Simplifying medication management & wellness

7-12 months
United States, Kansas City
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We worked with a Chronic Condition Management (CCM) company helping high-risk patients better manage their medication and overall wellness. Their unique approach connects patients directly with licensed pharmacists to make sure medications are safe, affordable, and effective. These services help self-insured employers reduce costs while supporting their employees facing the overwhelming health and financial obstacles associated with chronic illness. Since its inception, the client's model has been to build personal care plans with a "white glove" touch. Keeping to this core principle, they needed to extend their capabilities with modern technology. By increasing engagement and enabling patients to adhere more closely to recommendations, they could achieve better patient outcomes.


Core challenges: Face-to-face pharmacist follow-up calls don't scale well and they can't happen daily, or even weekly Create alternate venues for patients to connect with pharmacists & doctors Enable patients to access & follow recommendations more easily Add another tool to the client's marketability, helping them stay competitive Make crucial healthcare information more accessible Allow patients better visibility into existing benefits Develop a full range of connected offerings for a more holistic picture of health


The final result wasn’t just a healthcare app, but a robust wellness platform that tracks activity, sets health goals, sends medication reminders, and delivers custom care plans written by pharmacists. Beyond supporting patients, the app helps self-insured companies save by preventing unnecessary doctors visits and recommending generic medications over name brand, leading to an average company savings in the six-figure range.