Sep 29, 2023
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Our developers were faced with the challenge of creating a large-scale mobile strategy game that would combine elements of SLG and 4X gameplay. We needed to offer players something new and exciting where they could explore, expand, exploit and exterminate in a world full of unexpected challenges.


To address this challenge, we created 4X: My Empire, a unique mobile strategy game that offers: A fascinating map to explore, allowing players to explore and unlock the potential of their civilization. Expansion options where tactical use of troops and cooperation with allies play a key role. Collecting and managing armies, creating your own tactics and participating in epic wars. A variety of battle modes with high quality visuals and impressive siege battles.


4X: My Empire has won the hearts of players and received high ratings. Hundreds of thousands of players and many positive reviews testify to its success. Players can fully enjoy real-time strategic challenges and battles, experiencing the atmosphere of ancient wars with rich detail and impressive 3D technology