Aug 29, 2023
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7-12 months
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Our team faced the task of creating "Auralux: Constellations," an RTS game that strikes a balance between tranquil gameplay and engaging strategy. The challenge was to design mechanics that are easy to learn yet deep enough to challenge seasoned players. Adapting the game for Android TV and implementing online multiplayer were additional hurdles to overcome.


To meet these challenges, our team approached development with precision. We refined game mechanics to maintain accessibility while providing strategic depth across 150 unique levels. Collaborating with designers and programmers, we infused each level with fresh gameplay twists, ensuring variety and complexity. For Android TV, we meticulously adapted the game, optimizing it for larger screens while maintaining an immersive experience. Incorporating new elements like black holes and wormholes added strategic layers. Online multiplayer was seamlessly integrated through Google Play Games, providing competitive battles and fostering engaging interactions.


Our efforts yielded impressive results. "Auralux: Constellations" successfully merged a serene atmosphere with engaging strategy. The game's slow pace and minimalist graphics created an environment for contemplative decision-making. New gameplay elements added complexity, catering to experienced players. Android TV adaptation expanded accessibility, while online multiplayer invigorated competition, enhancing replayability. The game's positive reception highlighted our success in balancing accessibility and depth, creating an engaging and strategic experience.