Feb 13, 2023
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Banana Adventures

Banana Adventures

4-6 months
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Game Development
Mobile Development
Domain focus


Develop an engaging storyline -A full-time scriptwriter and a game designer at Crocoapps create game universes. Draw juicy graphics -Artists with graphic tablets draw and create, not copy and take from the Internet. Program code -The programmers have developed a game level editor, tied to the general logic of the project.


- A playable character must have a soul! It is important not only to draw a character, but also to give him life - emotions, mood, facial expressions. We have worked out different options: from comical to serious. -Development of locations and interactive elements -Our team always prepares several interface options so that the customer can choose the one he likes. For the Banana project, a total of over 200 different icons and bangles were designed.


Continuation of the legendary saga about the adventure of a banana. The villain kidnapped the beautiful bride of our hero and hid her, leaving all sorts of traps and obstacles. The brave banana went on an exciting journey to meet the trials. Classic time-killer, complete with colorful environments. Make decisions, choose the best options for passing the game and save the beautiful bride!
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Banana Adventures
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Banana Adventures