Aug 30, 2023
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4-6 months
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Participating in the development of "Bluk" presented our team with the challenge of creating a captivating physics-based platformer that seamlessly combined one-touch controls, atmospheric aesthetics, and immersive soundscapes. The main challenge was to craft an engaging gameplay experience that would evolve across multiple worlds, offering players a sense of progression, while maintaining simplicity in controls and design.


To address these challenges, our team adopted a strategic approach. We focused on developing a physics-based platformer that capitalized on the power of one-touch controls for accessibility and ease of play. Collaborating closely with game designers and programmers, we meticulously designed the control mechanism: players would touch and swipe to plan their character's path and release to execute a jump. To ensure the player's engagement, we designed multiple worlds each with its own unique set of challenges. This approach encouraged players to unlock new abilities as they progressed through the game, introducing a sense of achievement and mastery.


The outcomes of our collaborative efforts were striking. "Bluk" emerged as a physics-based platformer that successfully balanced simple yet engaging one-touch controls with captivating aesthetics and an immersive soundscape. The game's multiple worlds and unlocking of new abilities offered players a sense of progression and achievement. The one-touch controls proved accessible to players of all skill levels, contributing to a seamless and enjoyable gameplay experience. The minimalist aesthetics and atmospheric soundscape enhanced immersion, creating an environment conducive to player engagement and concentration.