Sep 14, 2023
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Brainster Quiz

Brainster Quiz

4-6 months
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One of the key challenges in the development of Brainster Quiz was to create a game that would provide players not only with exciting entertainment, but also an opportunity to test and expand their knowledge and intellectual abilities. Also, it was important to make the game socially oriented, allowing players to compete and share their successes.


To address these challenges, our development team created Brainster Quiz, which consists of four quick games, providing a limited amount of time to solve each problem. We included a variety of task types such as finding the longest word, answering simple questions, creating meaningful combinations of words, and finding secret words through clues. This provided variety and challenge to the gameplay. We also introduced functionality to compete against friends and random opponents, as well as the ability to create personalized characters and collect rewards.


Brainster Quiz successfully solves the challenge by providing players with not only a fun pastime but also an opportunity to expand their knowledge and intellectual abilities. The game provides a variety of challenges and a competitive atmosphere, allowing players to measure their progress and share it on social media. This helps players develop their minds and has potential for educational purposes.