Oct 15, 2023
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Call of Heroes

Call of Heroes

4-6 months
United States
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The primary challenge in developing "Call of Heroes: Zombies Clash" was to create a captivating and immersive MMOSLG (Massively Multiplayer Online Strategy and Survival Game) experience that combined elements of strategy, survival, and multiplayer gameplay. The game needed to offer players a sense of urgency and purpose as they confronted an apocalyptic world filled with multidimensional monsters and zombies. Maintaining a balance between individual hero progression and strategic alliances was another significant challenge.


First, we designed a rich narrative that introduced players to the post-apocalyptic world, the mysterious Doctor X, and the need for players to lead the human alliance against the multidimensional threats. This narrative was integrated into various gameplay elements, providing players with a compelling context for their actions. The game incorporated MMOSLG features by allowing players to join powerful alliances, team up with players from around the world, and coordinate tactical strategies. In doing so, we encouraged collaborative play, with players forming multiple squads, traversing different terrains, and deploying a range of tactics to claim ultimate victory.


The results of our efforts were highly successful. "Call of Heroes: Zombies Clash" became a popular MMOSLG title, attracting a global player base. The narrative-driven approach helped players immerse themselves in the game world, giving them a clear sense of purpose in fighting against the multidimensional threat and zombie apocalypse. The alliance feature fostered a vibrant online community, with players forming alliances, strategizing together, and competing on a global scale. This collaboration was a key component of the game's success.