Sep 21, 2023
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Candy Fever Bomb

Candy Fever Bomb

4-6 months
United States
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The client requested to create an exciting mobile game in the genre of "three-in-a-row" with candy. The main challenge was to make the game attractive and unique among many similar games on the market. Also, the game had to have a large number of levels so that players could enjoy it for a long time.


We have developed a Candy Fever Bomb game that combines sweet design, simple rules and addictive gameplay. The following steps were taken to achieve this goal: Creating a unique candy design and interface to make the game as visually appealing as possible. Developing over 6,000 levels and updating with new levels every month to provide players with endless fun and challenges. Incorporating relaxing music and exciting candy explosion animations to enhance the overall game experience. Creating powerful boosters and special candy combinations to add strategic elements to gameplay.


Candy Fever Bomb has become a popular game among three-in-a-row puzzle fans due to its unique graphics, multiple levels, and addictive gameplay. Players appreciate the monthly updates that add new levels and challenges. The free access to the game anytime and anywhere also made it appealing to a wide audience. Candy Fever Bomb was a great success for the client and continued to attract players with its sweet and addictive content.