Sep 14, 2023
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Clear Tiles

4-6 months
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One of the main challenges in developing Clear Tiles was to create an engaging and challenging gaming experience that would both entertain and stimulate players' logical thinking. We also had to ensure that the game remained interesting over the long term and had a timeless appeal.


To address these challenges, we designed gameplay that combines elements of three-in-a-row puzzles with the unique mechanics of clicking on blocks to move them into free slots. We gave players a variety of difficulty levels and dynamically changing the number of tiles to keep things interesting. We've also introduced various items and power-ups to help players progress through the levels, providing a variety of strategies.


Clear Tiles has become a popular game among fans of puzzles and logic games. The unique gaming experience and the opportunity to develop logical thinking attract players of all ages. The color palette and design of the game map create a pleasant visual experience. Regular updates and additional ways to obtain props keep players interested and engaged long-term.