Aug 25, 2023
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Delivery From the Pain

Delivery From the Pain

4-6 months
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When our team was brought into the development of "Delivery From The Pain," the challenge was clear: to create a survival strategy game that transcended the genre's conventions and delivered a deeply immersive experience. The task at hand was to enrich the game's fantasy RPG storyline, while also enhancing gameplay mechanics that players could truly engage with for over 30 hours of gameplay.


A. Complex Decision-Making: We devised a decision-driven gameplay experience. Players had to assess not only the threats posed by different zombie types, but also the moral dilemmas of assisting or leaving other survivors to their fate, leading to multiple endings. B. Strategic Shelter Planning: We introduced a shelter planning aspect that added another layer of strategy. Players needed to strategically position equipment and plan defense systems to fend off the zombie horde. C. Engaging Characters: Our team created lifelike characters with their own motivations and lives, making player interactions feel organic and meaningful. Each choice and dialogue could lead to unforeseen consequences, enhancing the game's replayabilit


The results were outstanding. "Delivery From The Pain" offered a deeply immersive journey, intertwining strategic survival mechanics with a compelling RPG storyline. The game's procedurally generated environments kept players engaged, as they navigated the complex web of choices and confrontations.