Sep 14, 2023
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Design Match

4-6 months
Hong Kong
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One of the main challenges in developing Design Match: Tile Pair Puzzle was to create an addictive tile puzzle game that would be interesting and challenging for players across multiple levels. We also needed to provide players with the motivation to collect coins and decorate their virtual home.


To address these challenges, we have developed engaging 3D tile puzzles that provide a variety of challenges and complexities for players. We have implemented a reward system where players receive coins for successfully completing levels, which they can spend on decorating their virtual home. Boosters and boosters have been added to help players in case of difficulties in levels, making the game more accessible and interesting.


Design Match: Tile Pair Puzzle has become a popular game among fans of puzzles and interior design. Fascinating levels and the possibility to create your own virtual house made the game attractive for different age audiences. Constant updates and new levels keep players interested, and the booster system helps them to overcome difficulties on the way to master puzzles.