Feb 13, 2023
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Development of a children's educational project "Star protects"

4-6 months
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Game Development
Mobile Development
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Create a mobile game and a cartoon based on the book “Star: Tales that protect”. The main goal is to teach and help remember the right actions in a difficult situation by means of demonstrating the dependence of what is happening on the choice made and the sequence of the choices made.


Each episode is a story about safety rules for children. We will tell you how to behave on water, ice, in case of fire, thunderstorm, in the cold, when meeting a dog and a stranger. The characters are modeled after illustrations from the book provided by the customer. The difficulty was to correctly transfer flat vector characters to a 3d volume, but our specialists did a good job with this task. Character animation is carefully written in the terms of reference and then approved by the customer. Individual specialists create visual effects, which are then simply superimposed on top of the final picture.


The educational project "Star Protects" teaches children and parents how to behave in dangerous situations. Fairy tale character Star in fairy tales, cartoons and a game application for mobile devices gives simple advice on how not to get into a dangerous situation and how to get out of it if you still find yourself in trouble.
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