Oct 15, 2023
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Dungeon Survivor.io

Dungeon Survivor.io

4-6 months
United States
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The main challenge in developing "Dungeon Survivor.io" was to create an engaging and challenging IO-style game with pixel art and retro aesthetics that would keep players hooked. It needed to provide an easy-to-understand yet thrilling gaming experience. Additionally, balancing the game to ensure it was both fun and competitive was essential, as IO games are known for their player vs. player (PvP) aspects.


To address these challenges, our development team focused on several key solutions. We designed simple one-handed controls to make it accessible to a wide audience. The game featured 20 unique mages with various magical spells, adding depth and strategy to gameplay. Players could customize their own spellcasters, creating unique teams for survival. The game encouraged players to adapt and survive on different thematic stages, such as caves, volcanoes, deserts, dungeons, and castles, each with its own challenges and monsters. Combining active and passive skills allowed for strategic gameplay. Relics were introduced to empower magic further, creating a system where players could evolve their magic over time.


The results of our development efforts were highly successful. "Dungeon Survivor.io" became a thrilling IO game where players engaged in intense survival battles with a simple one-handed control scheme. The pixel art and retro style added charm to the game, appealing to fans of classic gaming aesthetics. The introduction of 20 unique mages with various spells offered diverse gameplay experiences, as players could experiment with different strategies. The thematic stages kept gameplay fresh and exciting, and the evolving magic system made character progression rewarding.