Sep 13, 2023
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4-6 months
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The main challenge was to create a deep and emotionally charged mobile game that could not only offer unique puzzles, but also tell a touching story about a person suffering from a cognitive disorder. It was required that the gameplay be closely intertwined with the story and create a deep emotional experience.


Our development team developed a game called "G30" that utilized puzzles as a key element of the story. We created a unique mechanism in which puzzles represented memories, and players, by solving them, gradually reconstructed pieces of the main character's past. We used atmospheric music and sounds to maintain the emotional atmosphere.


The "G30" game was an inspiring experience for players and received high praise from critics. We were able to successfully combine puzzles with a deep and moving story, which created a unique interaction between gameplay and story. The game was recognized for its ability to convey the feelings and experiences of the main character suffering from a cognitive disorder, making it important for understanding such conditions.