Aug 25, 2023
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Grim Tides

4-6 months
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Our team was entrusted with the task of creating an engaging mobile application, "Grim Tides." The challenge lay in capturing the essence of classic turn-based RPG gameplay while infusing it with immersive world-building and intricate lore. Our goal was to resonate with players seeking an authentic RPG experience devoid of modern monetization strategies.


A. Immersive World-Building: Our team meticulously developed a rich fantasy world replete with history and lore. Hand-drawn art, vibrant music, and text-based interactions were strategically integrated to envelop players in a captivating atmosphere. B. Authentic Gameplay: We crafted a turn-based combat system reminiscent of classic RPGs, allowing players to engage in strategic battles. The focus on tactical decision-making was designed to resonate with fans of the genre. C. Customization and Choices: We introduced a diverse array of character customization options, including spells, skills, backgrounds, and special abilities. This personalization allowed players to shape their in-game experiences.


A. Immersive Experience: The fusion of hand-drawn art, captivating music, and interactive text-based events transported players into a vibrant fantasy world, reminiscent of an adventurous tabletop campaign. B. Engaging Gameplay: The turn-based combat system combined with character customization resonated with players seeking an authentic RPG experience. Tactical decisions and personalization enriched the gameplay. C. Player-Centric Approach: The absence of aggressive monetization strategies fostered player trust and enjoyment. The focus on player experience over profit contributed to a welcoming and enjoyable environment.