Sep 13, 2023
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4-6 months
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The main challenge was to create an exciting post-apocalyptic game with unique gameplay, where platforming and metroidvania come together to provide players with a variety of opportunities and challenges. It was also required to create a deep story and a unique game world that would be appealing to players.


Our development team created the game "HAAK", which successfully combined platformer and metroidvania into an addictive gameplay. We developed unique mechanics such as hook throws, jerks, and power punches to allow players to explore the world and overcome obstacles. Added lots of treasures, secrets and riddles to stimulate players' interest. Retrofuturistic style graphics gave the game a unique atmosphere. A unique difficulty adjustment system made the game accessible to players of different skill levels.


The game "HAAK" received positive reviews from players and critics. The unique combination of genres and gameplay mechanics made the game exciting and addictive. Many secrets and riddles added depth to the game experience. The retro-futuristic style gave the game a unique visual appeal. The difficulty adjustment system allowed players to choose the optimal difficulty level. The total playthrough time and number of quests completed gave the game a length and depth that appealed to a wide audience.