Sep 13, 2023
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Hundred Days

Hundred Days

4-6 months
Hong Kong
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To create an engaging mobile game that was a winemaking simulation and offered players the opportunity to interact with different aspects of wine production, as well as raise the profile of their winery through marketing and branding strategies. It was also necessary to ensure that the game was accessible to both novice and experienced gamers.


Our development team created the game "Hundred Days: Vineyard Tycoon", which successfully combines elements of business simulation and winemaking. We developed unique game mechanics that allow players to analyze the soil, fight vineyard diseases, explore the optimal time for grape care and fermentation processes. An important aspect was the ability to create your own bottle design and apply marketing strategies to develop the brand.


Hundred Days: Vineyard Tycoon has become a popular hit among mobile players. It attracted a wide audience, including beginners and experienced gamers, due to its engaging gameplay mechanics and interesting plot twist. The game has also contributed to enriching players' knowledge of wine-making traditions and its cultural significance. In addition, the game has received positive reviews for its user-friendly gameplay mechanics, making it accessible to players of different skill levels.