Sep 13, 2023
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4-6 months
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The challenge was to create an engaging and original mobile game that was both a puzzle game and a cooking simulator, appealing to players of different ages and gaming preferences. It was also important to introduce a wordless story about cats and parenthood that would add depth to the gaming experience.


Our development team has created a game that combines the unique elements of a puzzle game and a cooking simulator. We designed over 120 puzzle levels inspired by Japanese cuisine and bento aesthetics. A story about cats and parenthood added depth and emotional appeal to the game. The lack of ads and the presence of achievements made the game more appealing to players.


The game created by our team received positive feedback and became a hit among players. The unique combination of puzzles and culinary elements attracted the audience and made the game exciting. The storyline about cats and parenthood added an emotional element that gave the game an extra appeal. Over 120 puzzles provided many hours of engaging gameplay, while the achievements and lack of advertisements made the game even more appealing to players.