Sep 13, 2023
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4-6 months
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The main challenge was to create a mobile game that could provide players with a contemplative and relaxing experience, while maintaining intriguing gameplay and an engaging story. It was also necessary to implement a game without dialogues, but with a clear and colorful narrative.


We developed the game "Loop", which focused on creating an atmospheric and meditative experience for players. The gameplay was based on a journey with the Master through a mysterious temple, where players solved a variety of puzzles and explored a mysterious world. We created unique and creative puzzles that not only sparked interest, but also contributed to the game's story. The lack of dialog not only made the game accessible to players of different languages, but also enhanced the atmosphere of mystery and enigma of the temple.


The Loop game developed by our team has received positive feedback from players and critics. We were able to strike a balance between a relaxing experience and addictive puzzles, which attracted a wide audience. The unique and colorful world of the temple was created using advanced visualization techniques, which added to the visual appeal of the game. The lack of dialogues did not prevent the game from telling a beautiful story, but rather enhanced the impact of its nonverbal elements on the players.