Sep 21, 2023
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Mary's Cooking

4-6 months
Hong Kong
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The client approached us with an idea to develop a mobile cooking game that would combine elements of time management, cooking a variety of dishes and elements of storytelling with a love story. The main challenge was to create an engaging gameplay that would be accessible to both cooking connoisseurs and love story lovers.


To solve this problem, we developed Mary's Cooking, a game that combines a culinary historical adventure with time management. We created a wide variety of restaurants and dishes so that players could enjoy a variety of cuisines. The game provided the opportunity to manage restaurants, improve recipes and dishes, and develop Mary's story with other characters. To increase interest in the game, we introduced daily bonuses, a treasure system and special characters, which encouraged players to play daily and achieve new achievements. We also created the ability to travel the world, discovering new restaurants and unlocking Mary's story.


The game "Mary's Cooking" was successful and attracted a wide audience of players, both cooking connoisseurs and fans of romantic stories. Addictive gameplay, a variety of restaurants and dishes, and an intriguing story made the game popular. A bonus and gift system incentivized players to return to the game, and a system of improving recipes and dishes added depth to the gameplay. The game's downloads led to an increase in the number of participants and long-term interest. Thus, the customer received a successful game that provides an exciting adventure in the world of cooking and love.