Oct 15, 2023
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Monster War

Monster War

4-6 months
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The challenge was to create a captivating monster battle simulator that combined elements of collecting, breeding, and strategic combat. The game needed to provide a wide variety of monsters and engaging gameplay. Balancing the single-player experience with player versus player (PvP) battles was another key challenge. Additionally, the team had to ensure player retention and engagement through various in-game activities and features.


To address these challenges, our development team adopted a multi-faceted approach. We designed the game to feature more than 100 unique monster characters across different elements, such as Fire, Grass, Water, Dark, and Light. This allowed players to create their ideal army formation and engage in strategic battles. The "Monster Playground" feature added an emotional connection by allowing players to interact with and care for their monsters, fostering a sense of responsibility.


The results of our development efforts were highly successful. "Monster War - Battle Simulator" gained popularity for its diverse and collectible monster roster, engaging strategic battles, and emotionally bonding players with their monsters. The introduction of various in-game activities like the Monster Playground and Colosseum kept players engaged and coming back for more. The game's multiplayer Colosseum created a competitive environment where players could showcase their strategic skills and earn rewards, adding depth to the gaming experience. Frequent updates and player feedback integration ensured continuous improvement and engagement.