Feb 13, 2023
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My Italy

My Italy

7-12 months
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Software Development
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Software Development
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We were faced with the task of making an optimized, highly converting application for a clothing store. In addition to the possibility of ordering and paying for goods, it was necessary to add the functions of an auction and an online chat for users. The customer's goal is to make My Italy not only a point of sale, but also a place that unites buyers into a single community.


Project functionality The application has everything for convenient shopping - from a well-thought-out UX catalog to a personal account with the ability to track orders. Main screen Getting to the main screen of the application, the user sees the brands presented in the catalog, new arrivals of goods and information about scheduled auctions. At the top of the page there is a search bar for quick navigation through the store. Product Screen The product card indicates its description, available size grid, manufacturer's brand and other important characteristics. Images and videos are arranged in a carousel. The product price can be displayed in two formats - as old and new value.


The most interesting and complex feature on the project is the content that is fully customizable from the administrative panel. Using this tool, the customer can create storefronts, promotions, add items to the catalog, automatically calculate the cost of goods depending on various parameters, and send custom push notifications to users.