Sep 29, 2023
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4-6 months
United States
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Our main goal was to develop an exciting mobile game that combines elements of Eastern mythology, MMORPG and social interaction. We had to create a world where players could compete for legendary treasures alongside gods, demons and clans, providing them with exciting battles, beautiful costumes and plenty of opportunities for social connection.


To address this challenge, we developed a mobile game that combines the following key features: An open world with three unique locations, allowing players to explore a variety of storylines and battles. Thousands of skills and clan exclusive skills, giving players a variety of abilities for battles. A variety of gameplay including PVE and PVP battles, arenas, and recreational activities. Plenty of costumes, mounts, and gear to customize characters. A variety of heroes and pets from different time periods, adding a strategic element to the game. Unique social system for interaction and friendship between players.


The result of our work is a successful mobile game that has gained popularity among players. Hundreds of thousands of downloads and positive reviews testify to its success. Players can enjoy exciting gameplay, create unique characters, fight with others and find friends in the virtual world. We were able to create a game that combines elements of Eastern mythology, classic MMORPGs and social interaction, providing players with an unforgettable experience in Three Kingdoms.