Aug 25, 2023
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4-6 months
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Our team was tasked with developing a compelling and engaging minimalist puzzle game that revolves around the character Pep and the challenges he faces in a storm-threatened village. The challenge was to create a captivating gameplay experience within the constraints of just six actions per run, while maintaining player engagement and motivation to save the village and solve the Storm's mystery.


A. Streamlined Gameplay: We crafted a gameplay experience that revolves around Pep's actions. Each action holds significant weight, encouraging players to think strategically and choose the correct order of actions to progress efficiently. B. Engaging Puzzles: Our team meticulously designed puzzles that challenged players' problem-solving skills and critical thinking, making the most out of the limited six actions available. C. Narrative Engagement: We developed a narrative that emotionally connects players with Pep and the village's plight. This emotional engagement motivates players to overcome challenges and save their friends from the Great Storm.


A. Engaging Gameplay: The unique gameplay mechanic of only six actions per run kept players engaged, as they strategically planned their moves to progress through the challenges. B. Challenging Puzzles: The carefully crafted puzzles provided players with a sense of accomplishment as they solved intricate problems within the limited action framework. C. Emotional Connection: The narrative-driven approach allowed players to emotionally connect with Pep and the village, making the goal of saving the town from the Great Storm a motivating factor. D. Replayability: The inclusion of hidden trophies and the final secret of the game encouraged players to explore and replay the game to discover all its secrets.