Aug 25, 2023
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The Lost Legends of Redwall

The Lost Legends of Redwall

4-6 months
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Our team was honored to be tasked with developing an immersive mobile application, "Redwall Adventures." The challenge lay in encapsulating the essence of Brian Jacques' legendary world of Redwall and translating its epic stories into an interactive experience. Our goal was to provide players with the opportunity to live the adventures, make impactful choices, and enjoy the rich narrative in a user-friendly format.


A. Narrative Immersion: Our team meticulously adapted the intricate stories of "The Wildcat Scroll," "Caves of Kotira," and "Icetor Flowers" into interactive narratives. This involved carefully preserving the essence of the original stories while allowing players to make choices that impact the course of events. B. User-Friendly Design: We designed an intuitive user interface that allowed players to seamlessly navigate the narratives and make meaningful choices. The goal was to ensure that players of all ages could easily engage with the app and immerse themselves in the world of Redwall.


A. Living the Adventure: "Redwall Adventures" successfully transported players into the world of Redwall, allowing them to become characters in epic stories. The opportunity to make choices and explore different paths enriched the narrative experience. B. Rich Storytelling: Players were immersed in over 250,000 words of rich storytelling, encountering 60+ characters and experiencing the adventures from different angles. The app faithfully captured the spirit of Brian Jacques' world. C. Diverse Endings: The impact of players' choices resulted in multiple story endings, enhancing replayability and encouraging exploration of different narrative possibilities.