Sep 14, 2023
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The Small T

4-6 months
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One of the main challenges in developing the Small T game was to create a puzzle game that would be easy to master, but at the same time present a real challenge to the intellectual development of players of all ages. Also, it was important to make the game fun and stimulating for brain activity.


To solve these challenges, our development team was inspired by the ancient game of tangrams and reworked its concept to fit modern technology and players' needs. We created a puzzle game in which players need to form certain shapes using all the pieces without overlapping them. This provided a balance between simplicity and complexity. We also designed a variety of levels with increasing difficulty so that players could gradually improve their skills.


The Small T game has successfully solved the challenge by providing players with an engaging puzzle game that promotes logical and spatial thinking. It has proven to be suitable for children over 7 years old and adults, helping them to develop cognitive functions, memory and problem-solving skills. Through the game, users can also reduce stress and anxiety and improve their brain muscles while having fun.