Sep 29, 2023
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Tower Brawl

Tower Brawl

4-6 months
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The main challenge was to create a unique mobile game that would combine elements of Tower Defense, strategy and card games into an innovative gaming experience. We also needed to balance the strategic aspect with elements of randomness to make the game interesting for both experienced players and beginners.


To solve this problem, we developed a game called Tower Brawl. We combined autochess, tower defense and real-time PvP. We offered players fast and dynamic gameplay, as well as the ability to strategically adjust their cast of heroes in real time. The introduction of a 10-card deck and random draws added an element of randomness.


As a result of our efforts, Tower Brawl has become a popular mobile game. Players appreciated the unique combination of different genres and dynamic real-time battles. Co-op mode with friends and a variety of character roles added depth to the gameplay. The game has become legendary in the Arena, where players compete for championships and receive exclusive rewards.