Sep 14, 2023
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Triple Match Mania

Triple Match Mania

4-6 months
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One of the main challenges was to create a game that provides a unique and visually appealing experience for players. We also needed to design levels that were challenging enough to keep experienced players engaged, but still make the gameplay simple and accessible enough for beginners.


To create a unique gaming experience, our team focused on designing stunning 3D objects and colorful levels. We also worked carefully on the game design and music to create a relaxing and immersive atmosphere. To cater to different players, we provided both challenging and fun levels, and added clubs and tournaments for competitive players.


Triple Match Mania has become a game that provides a unique and visually appealing gaming experience. With varied levels and stunning 3D objects, players can enjoy a variety of items to be matched. The game has become a successful project, attracting both beginners and experienced players. Regular updates and new levels have added welcome excitement and interest for all players.