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Nov 23, 2022
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NFT Caster

NFT Caster

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NFT-Caster wanted to ensure its users could display NFT images, music, and video on their LG TVs. To accomplish this task, we have created a real-time frame/display application allowing NFT-Caster users to cast their favorite NFTs on their 4k TVs. This way, users can show off their NFT collections to friends and family with ease, and without having to worry about the quality of the display.


Essentially, we turned the user's TVs into digital frames they could use to share their NFTs with friends and family. The user could also use the TV to view their collection of NFTs, and even set up a slideshow of their favorite NFTs. This allowed the user to show off their NFTs in a new and exciting way, and also allowed them to keep their collection organized and easily accessible. -NFT Gallery Aggregation From Any Wallet With an Extensive Blockchain List -Real-Time NFT Casting Onto Digital Frames -Real-Time Queue Management -Web3 Wallet Authentication -Music NFT Playlist Creation


NFT-Caster is a digital media platform that allows users to create and share NFTs or non-fungible tokens. You can also use NFT-Caster to discover new and exciting NFTs created by other users. By signing up for a free account, you can start creating and sharing your own NFTs with the community right away.