Jul 06, 2021
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2-3 months
South Africa, Johannesburg
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Back then (In 2016), older browsers – Internet Explorer in particular – were still semi-mainstream. As a result, these browsers provided a number of technical challenges. Primary among these was the requirement to have the site load fast enough to retain customers’ attention and interest. The size of the app was therefore a massive factor. In addition, BMW Motorrad embarked on an advertising campaign that shared the web app link via QR code in major print publications. This meant that the web app had to function and look equally good on smaller devices. CubeZoo had to figure out how to maintain the same memorable feel that people were seeing on larger screens and translate it onto a smaller mobile screen.


We wanted to take the brand and give it its own feature digital space. This required thinking outside the box and using an agile approach. Careful planning was essential to the success of Motorrad’s digital initiative, and CubeZoo worked with and prototyped the heavy lifting challenges first. This meant that the we almost worked backwards to complete the rest of the web platform, dealing with large file constraints and smaller screens. By implementing pre-loaders that would load just before executions were required, we ensured that displaying the web app on smaller screens was possible and offered a richer experience by forcing screen orientation to landscape. This offered a wider experience, and allowed motorbike enthusiasts to take their BMW experience to the next level.


Even businesses that have been around since the 1920’s need a great digital presence. When BMW’s motorcycle division, Motorrad, decided to create a website app in 2016, cross-browser compatibility quickly made them hit the skids. CubeZoo took up the challenge, creating an interactive web app that would allow biking enthusiasts to take a road trip around South Africa via a digital roadmap of on-road and off-road trails. Not only did CubeZoo enable an unforgettable online journey, we ensured there were regular pit stops. At each of these pit stops, the user could enter the pitstop and browse Motorrad’s range of motorcycles and accessories, change the colours of the bikes, and even listen to them rev their exquisite engines.
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